Welcome to Reference point

Most people don’t realize the most difficult part of serving your country is what happens when you come home. Often once separated from their respective military branch a veteran feels disconnected. To go from having a network of brothers that you count on every day to not knowing who to talk to about life’s many issues can be daunting. Somewhere along the way we lose our reference point for life.

Reference point is changing that.

How can you help?


Your donation goes to directly fund various programs such as our large-scale events that bring veterans together to network and to support one another.


There is always a need for volunteers, our events couldn’t happen without those that support our mission. But, the work doesn’t stop there!



Learn from those who have been there. From general career advice to full on mentorship, the opportunities to help those coming home are endless.



Building a network with one another is the most important task we do. Grow and connect with one another to make sure that none of us are alone.